Welcome to Brazi.net!

You will find several services available here.

Radio Free Brazi

Playing an eclectic mix of music, in 20-30 minute blocks

Occasional world news reports from NPR

AAC and Ogg Vorbis streams - Status page here

Pop out the AAC Web Player here

Now playing:

The Brazi.net BBS

A text-mode bulletin board system, featuring:

Local and networked message conferences

Multi-user chat, Multi-user "door" games

Access the BBS at bbs.brazi.net using these protocols/ports:

Telnet(port 23) / Rlogin(port 513) / SSH(port 6922)

We recommend connecting with SyncTERM (available for Win/Mac/Linux)

You can also try a browser-based client here.

Brazi Minecraft Servers

We host two Minecraft servers: One creative, one survival

Various interactive and noninteractive maps are available

Visit the Minecraft page here

Calibre eBook Library

Our personal library, with a random collection of (mostly) Sci-fi

Server address: http://music.brazi.net:8080/

Me @Mastodon